Drones are capable of taking exceptional wedding shots and videos. There are some things to consider, however, when your planning wedding shots.

  1. Drones can be disruptive. They have engines and propellers and they make some noise. It’s best to not film during the emotional times of your ceremony and a good drone pilot will be sure to move away when he might be a distraction.
  2. Drones don’t fly in bad weather. They’re pricey planes and cameras and could be ruined in bad weather. If there’s rain on your wedding day, you may not get aerial photos.
  3. Plan some drone shots. A drone flying overhead is an attention getter and can take attention away from what is going on. It’s best to plan a few shots so that everyone will be ready when the drone flies overhead. Otherwise they may be tempted to look up to watch it fly by.
  4. Exceptional possibilities. The good news is aerial photography and videography can make for breathtaking memories. There is nothing that really compares to the cinematic effects of a bird’s eye view. You can capture the entire venue of your wedding, all the guests at one time, and spectacular views of the landscape. They truly give you a sense of scale you couldn’t get from traditional pictures and video.

We love recording wedding memories and we make sure we stay out of your way. The day is about you, your wedding and your guests not about the drone flying over your event. We like to focus on the “cocktail time” between the ceremony and the reception while people mingle to capture candid moments. Let us talk to you about all the possibilities of filming your wedding from high above.