Drone Roof Inspections

A home’s roof is vital! So, roof inspections are a must. The roof provides the most protection from the elements. When buying a home or considering an insurance claim a building’s roof can be a dangerous place to work. Using aerial photography makes the job of roof inspection faster and safer. Our powerful and state of the art drones can get to the top of a building quickly and hover in place with amazing stability. By sending a drone we can see every inch of the roof and detailed video or photos can be transmitted while the inspector stays safely on the ground. We specialize in roof damage assessments, insurance adjustment photos and roof inspection aerial photos. Let’s face it, roofs are dangerous places and there are some spots you just can’t reach. So, drones can be a safe alternative to someone climbing a ladder and walking on a slanted, slippery area some 40 feet above the ground.

Virginia Beach Drone pilots use the best, state of the art Ultra High Definition cameras and top of the line software to assess roof damage. We know that a damaged roof requires quick action, so we’re proud to have an extremely quick response time. We can highlight damage and possible leak areas and supply reports that can be submitted for insurance claims or lawsuits.